Our Expertise

Our single greatest strength? Multichannel.

Our target audiences: Medical Affairs, Regulatory, Training, Marketing, Payers

We understand that technical science, compelling data, and current/future competitive landscapes impact the decisions that determine how to tell any brand’s story. HD works with some of the most innovative healthcare companies to create unique, impactful, and tailor-made stories to reach a variety of stakeholders across all available digital channels.

We particularly love reimagining the following areas:

  • Tablet and mobile application design and development
    Tablet and mobile design and development
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality
    Virtual and augmented reality
  • Congress and Medical Affairs booth experiences
    Congress and medical affairs booth experiences
  • Social media
    Social media
  • Web design and development
    Web design and development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    SEO & SEM

First, we target. Then we reach, communicate, and persuade.

At HD, we focus on the 5 key audiences that our clients most commonly engage.

When speaking to members of the scientific community, it’s important to speak their language. We speak with fluency. Whether reaching community-based doctors or nationally recognized KOLs, we develop interactive content that addresses all the proactive and reactive needs of all members of the scientific community.

• Field force materials
• Online reach
• Congresses
• KOL tools
• Virtual/augmented reality
• Videos

The best way to ensure your sales team is confident, accurate, compliant, and current is through training. The most effective way to train? At HD, we believe the answer lies in developing engaging, informative content that makes learning easy, memorable, and fun.

• Integrated content for existing Learning Management Systems
• Custom Learning Management Systems to address specific needs
• Interactive training tools

Influencers? Creators? Techies? At HD, we know we have to be all these things to be successful marketers. Whether we are developing a completely new campaign or adding digital life to one that already exists, HD thrives on using our digital tools to change perceptions.

• Websites and mobile applications
• SEO/SEM strategy
• Congress booth design and experience
• iPad® and tablet applications
• Email outreach campaigns

Communicating information about formulary access, hospital efficiency, and cost requires a sensitive, nuanced approach. HD works in partnership with the HCG Payer Center of Excellence at our sister agency Choreo Market Access to develop the digital tools to support your payer needs.

• Account executive training tools
• Meeting materials
– Live iPad tools
– Webcasts
– Follow-up materials
• Payer portals

HD is one of the only digital agencies in the world with extensive experience in the regulatory environment. Working with the HCG Regulatory Center of Excellence, ProEd Regulatory, we develop digital tools to navigate (and influence) through the regulatory process and into a successful launch.